Making Cash Flow™

The Resource for Increasing Profitability for Businesses & Lenders!

What we’re great at

We purchase receivables and finance supplier credit quickly and profitably while enabling rapid and safe growth for our clients.

(Banks do this too but their response time often is challenging for the pace business requires….that’s where we come in.)

Our clients are fast growing businesses, small and large, frustrated with conventional banking constraints.

What UBC Does

We are all about Making Cash Flow™ for our clients by providing cash NOW for pending receivables saving months of waiting and enabling continued growth. (see explainer video on AR Purchase )

We also Make Cash Flow™ for our clients by financing their assets quickly and safely often securing better terms and pricing by offering “Cash Now” to a supplier or vendor.

Here’s how it works:

Is AR Purchase & Supplier Credit right for you?

  • You’re a rapid growth company
  • You could rapidly redeploy funds into new receivables
  • Your company has good margins
  • Your customers are asking for more

“Isn’t AR Purchase only for smaller companies who can’t get credit?”No! In fact, companies small to large, names you'd recognize from your everyday life have been selling their AR for years for the reasons mentioned above. Why do they do this? Simple, to Make Cash Flow™!